Our History

Mike and Dave Tractor
ant cast and jay
     Over the past three decades, we have handled the finest New Jersey fruits and vegetables, as well as premium produce from other growing areas throughout the United States and other countries.
     Our Blueberry Farm was recently updated with a satellite irrigation system, bee habitats and new varieties of blueberries.
     In 2014-15 we partnered with Oakes Farms in Immokalee, Florida and began growing over 600 acres of fresh produce. We have currently reached over 1,200 acres of land. This merger allows us to service our customers year round. 
     New in 2015 we will break ground on in Vineland, NJ with a 3rd cooler. This new cooler will be 60x100 giving us the ability to load all the product in a climate controlled room maintaining the cool chain.  All New Jersey items are picked, packed, cooled and shipped to our facility within twelve hours.  We have a strict quality control department that utilizes state of the art hydro, vacuum and forced air cooling to ensure freshness. Specialty packing and PLU, price lookup code, tagging are also available.
    In 2014 we started E&A Trucking, which currently has over 20 tractors and trailers delivering our product fresh daily. We have 3 coolers that can hold up to 50,000 packages. We partnered up with Oakes Farms in Immokalee, Florida where together we currently grow over 3000 acres of 80 different fruits & vegetables.
   In 2016, at my NJ farm, we decided to plant Organic Blackberries, Raspberries, and Golden Berries along with red and white wine grapes on an articulated trellis. We built our 3rd climate controlled cooler which combined has a capacity to hold over 50,000 packages.
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