Vineland, NJ

Beginning in 2013 we started a six-year program by planting 33 of 150 total acres.  Working with Fall Creek Nursery Farm out of Oregon we began planting Duke and Draper blueberries.  We worked very closely with Lee Rain, implementing a new irrigation system called Natures Eye.  Natures Eye is a fully automated system that collects data from crops and the environment. Using the data collected, the system delivers water and food to the necessary plants. By improving our agricultural irrigation system it leaves a positive effect not only on our water usage, but on energy consumption, fuel, irrigation pumping, fertilizer, and chemicals. This helps our farm leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.


We worked closely with Rutgers University and The Xerces Society to plant our own Bee habitat. Bee habitats are known to increase the proportion of yield. In 2014 we purchased another 20 acres and a 100x60 foot building to be used for the packing process. The 20 acres were used to plant Duke and Top Shelf blueberries.  In 2015, with the purchase of another 40 acres, we planted Duke, Top Shelf, and Drapers in late October. Our goal by 2019 will be to farm 150 acres of blues with varieties that are larger in size, better tasting, and longer shelf life.

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