New Jersey Farms

In 2013 we began planting 33 acres of a 5 year plan to have 150 acres total. Working with Fall Creek Nursery Farm out of Oregon we began planting Dukes and Drapers. We worked very closely with Lee Rain and implicating a new system called Natures Eye, a fully automated system that works off of sensors threw out the field that send a signal up to a satellite and then back to a computer that tells the irrigation pump when to start up and deliver water and feed to only the plants that need it.This will save a tremendous amount of fuel and water.


We also worked very closely with Rutgers and Xerces to plant our own Bee habitat. In 2014 we purchased another 20 acres and a 100 by 60 foot building to be used for the packing process. That 20 acre was planted with 2 varieties called Dukes and Top Shelf. In 2015 with the purchasing of another 40 acres we will plant Dukes, Top Shelf and Drapers in late Oct. Our goal by 2017 will be to farm 150 acres of blues with verities that are larger in size and have better taste and a longer shelve life.

Immokalee, Florida Farm


At our Immokalee facility in Florida we have over 1200 acres of produce that starts in Oct and finishes in May. In 2014 we joined up with an excellent grower and good friend Alfie Oakes of Oakes Farms. Together we worked very hard to create a planting schedule that would give us a steady supply throughout the season (Product List Below).  We also offer specialty packs on all commodities.  Annually we have a Primus Audit that insures our customers we are complaint with all the food safety regulations in placed today. We also purchases a fleet of 2015 tractor and trailers to guarantee timely arrivals to our customers. Sustainability for Food Safety, Traceability, Quality and Service is what our staff strives for every day. We have concentrated and worked very hard to achieve excellence in these standards and we are excited about the future growth together. Please call us with any questions you may have or what we can do for you.

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